Bookkeeping tips


What is Depreciation? We all know if you go out and buy a new car, over time it will lose value.  In fact, with a car, once you drive it out of the garage and then try to resell it, you will not get the value you paid.  This reduction in value is known as […]

bookkeepers salary guide

Bookkeepers Salary Guide

Salary’s for Bookkeepers and the Jobs market seems to be improving around the globe for Bookkeepers of all levels.  So if you are looking for a new job, trying to negotiate a better rate of pay, considering a change of career or are just interested in the salaries of Bookkeepers around the globe,  then have […]

Debits and Credits

Remembering which is a debit and which is a credit is often difficult especially if you are new to Bookkeeping or Accounting. In this short video you will learn 4 easy steps to help you remember which is a debit and which is a credit, and then we will look at a double entry example. […]

The Difference between Finance and Accounting

Many people use the terms Finance and Accounting with out really knowing the difference between them. But what is the difference between Finance and Accounting? What do accountants do? What is the accounting equation? What does an accountant view as risk? What does a finance person do? what do they view as risk? And investors, […]

FREE Mini Course on Computerized Accounts

We are delighted to announce that we are releasing a free mini course on Computerized Accounts.  We will be using WaveApps which is an online free to use accounting software. Over the next few weeks we will be releasing new videos on YouTube, if you are on our email list we will notify you when […]

What is the Statement of Cash Flows?

The Statement of Cash flows is one of the prime financial statements produced by a business.  It shows the movement of cash for an accounting period broken down into Operating, Investing and Financing activities.  Many small business owners and non-finance people confuse profit with cash, and many also struggle with the Statement of Financial Position.  […]

Bookkeeping tips

5 Bookkeeping Tips to Ensure Your Success

Bookkeeping and Accounting is not everyone’s strong point.  Some cringe at the thoughts. But, I’m afraid to say, you can’t avoid it for long. It is important that business owners and start-ups adopt good practices in keeping records as early as possible. It will help reduce errors that could cost you both money and valuable […]