Bookkeepers Salary Guide

Salary’s for Bookkeepers and the Jobs market seems to be improving around the globe for Bookkeepers of all levels.  So if you are looking for a new job, trying to negotiate a better rate of pay, considering a change of career or are just interested in the salaries of Bookkeepers around the globe,  then have a look at the Bookkeepers Salary Guide below:

Bookkeepers Salary Guide


In Ireland, as of Mar 2016, the average salary for a Bookkeeper is €26,666 per year


An Entry-Level Bookkeeper in the USA earns an average wage of $14.59 per hour. A Full Charge Bookkeeper earns an average wage of $18.56 per hour.


In Canada an Entry-Level Bookkeeper earns an average wage of C$16.25 per hour and a Full Charge Bookkeeper earns an average wage of C$20.85 per hour.

South Africa

In South Africa The average salary for a Junior Bookkeeper is R95,445 per year and The average pay for a Full Charge Bookkeeper is R173,418 per year

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In Australia the average bookkeeper can expect to earn $60,599 per year


United Kingdom

In the UK the average Bookkeepers salary for 2016 is £27,266 per year


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